2022 – Supreme Court officials urge clerks to release their private phone records as part of investigations into the leaks, says a report.

The US Supreme Court Building at sunset in Washington, DC on Thursday, December 2, 2021.

  • CNN reports that Supreme Court officials have been asked to release their private phone records.
  • The request comes as the court continues to investigate the leaking of a draft memorandum alleging Roe v. Wade will fall.
  • Some employees are concerned about the investigation and are considering hiring an outside lawyer.

Supreme Court officials are reportedly trying to ask court employees to release their private phone records as part of the court’s escalating investigation into the highly unusual leak of a draft opinion claiming Roe v. Wade will fall.

CNN reported that some employees are concerned about the requests, which include signing affidavits, and are considering hiring an outside attorney. CNN’s Joanne Biskubek reports that the exact nature of mobile searches is unclear. Chief Justice John Roberts, who has confirmed the validity of a draft majority opinion that would repeal federal abortion laws, reportedly met with court clerks.

Roberts called the leak a “treason” and ordered the Supreme Court marshal to investigate what happened. Some Republican lawmakers have called for the FBI to be involved, although it is unclear whether any criminal laws have been broken.

A former Insider employee previously told that the May 2 leak of an entire draft opinion outperformed all other previous violations of court confidentiality.

“The court cannot act on this case,” the former court clerk said. โ€œThis is a big, big leak. It’s hard to imagine a bigger leak.โ€

There is no guarantee that the source of the leak is an employee. Politico released a draft of Judge Samuel Alito’s opinion and described the source as “a person familiar with court proceedings.” The Supreme Court is reviewing abortion rights again as it reviews a Mississippi law that effectively bans most abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy, roughly two months before fetuses are generally considered viable.

Supreme Court justices can only appoint a limited number of clerks per semester, and the most prestigious positions are often filled by graduates of the nation’s top law schools. Six current justices were themselves former employees of the Supreme Court. Others, such as Republican Senator Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Josh Hawley, or White House Chief of Staff Ron Klein, have had prominent political careers.

A representative of the Supreme Court did not immediately respond to a request for comment. The court is expected to return its ruling on Mississippi law later this summer. Biskubek has worked on the court over decades and wrote biographies for many justices, including Roberts and Sonia Sotomayor.

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