2022 – T-Mobile ‘Define’ customers can now receive a ‘win-win’ offer for themselves and their friends

If you’ve been on T-Mobile for any length of time, you probably already know that “un-mobile” tends to make things right. Customer support error, random network errors and Data is often busted with the biggest deals, biggest discounts, and coolest free offers in the US wireless business.

Some of it hasn’t even been promoted very aggressively, like the new in-house code publishing campaign that started last week and is only now Doing the rounds on Reddit thanks to trusted people who are always there T-Mo Report.

The fictional publication always managed to get some internal documents confirming the May 24th promotion start date and detailing all its amazing terms and benefits.

In short, existing lucky T-Mo subscribers have been receiving emails over the past few days with 20 percent discount codes for new customers and $50 prepaid MasterCards for themselves. Of course, to get the last gift, you’ll first need to convince a friend or family member to transfer their existing number from a carrier like Verizon or AT&T T-Mobile, at this point, sees a new subscriber saving 20 percent on their monthly FOR LIFE bill.

No turning back, no eraser, no good printing… as long as you choose the Magenta MAX plan, which typically costs $85 per month for a line with totally unlimited wireless service. As you can imagine, T-Mobile will not accept the portability of numbers from Sprint or Metro, and while the newly discovered documents don’t specifically mention this, the “select” customers who qualify for the new deal insider are themselves the “insiders”. .

That likely includes people who have received Discount codes from employees earlier in the year and other customers who may have submitted to T-Mo in similar circumstances in the past. Unfortunately, the only way to see if you can claim the $50 for yourself and a 20 percent service charge for someone else is to monitor your email.

If you’re lucky, you’ll get a special code there to share with a loved one (or a random person on Reddit), and of course, expect to see a great referral bonus there too if the above code is in place already used to transfer and activate a new plan. Yes, it really is that simple!