2022 – Talking horses: rain causes inspections during the meeting in four places | horse race

FFor the fourth time in less than a week, a panel of drivers and officials was forced to examine a track during a meeting on Monday after riders reported slipping at the corner of Lingfield’s house during the first competition on a seven-race map. Unlike similar inspections over the past few days at Haydock Park, Beverly and Chester, the meeting wasn’t canceled entirely, and instead the race continued on the straight track only, with the ticket reduced to just five events.

Concerns have been raised about horses slipping on corners on all four tracks. Haydock’s card was given up on Friday night after two races, while Chester ran four on Saturday afternoon before the meeting was called off. The course then sparked controversy when it announced that it would not offer refunds to race-goers as it hosted the main race of the day, a Class 2 handicap, although it said via Twitter on Monday that it is now rated “how to acknowledge its disappointment.” Owners, coaches and bookmakers.”

Beverley CEO Sally Igolden said last week that Wednesday’s card was the first in 22 years of the cycle to be canceled in the middle of a meeting, indicating how exceptional it was to have four meetings in the UK with similar uncertain reasons at such a time. short.

Heavy rain after a prolonged drought was cited as a possible explanation, while Haydock Course leader Kirkland Tilwright applied 8mm of water three days before Friday’s chart. The meeting then opened on good to soft ground after 6mm of rain on Wednesday and Thursday, after it was described as good to be flat on Tuesday.

The British Horseracing Authority’s general guidance requires that courses aim to provide a ‘firm and firm floor’ with the addition that the organizer accepts ‘this, depending on the topography of the course, type of ground, weather patterns and/or whether they are in two races or hold races for more’. consecutive days.”

Beverley hadn’t been watered before last Wednesday’s meeting, although an anonymous rider told the Racing Post that rail traffic meant the corner of the house was “tight as a right angle.” Beverly and Haydock have met without incident since their cards were folded.

It’s tough,” said George Hill, course director at Lingfield, on Monday. “The track has not set up any differently than it has been in the past few weeks we have been racing here. This is our fourth meeting on the grass this month and the track has been set up the same way, it’s not like we put any bars on.

“I’m scratching my head trying to figure out why this horse slipped in the first race. It’s something we’ll look at with our agronomist next week in case we miss something. Unfortunately, it’s just a case where we were able to lose two races for safety reasons, and we can’t help but apologize to Connections of all horses and Arc [the track’s owner] The owners of these races will be compensated.”

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The Kazoo Derby will be held next Saturday in memory of Lester Piggott, who won the classic nine times after his death on Sunday, Epsom Racecourse said on Monday.

Also, at the two-day derby meeting, which begins on Friday, riders will wear black armbands at all races and at approximately 1:15 p.m. There will be a minute of applause at a wreath of race colours, Pegote aboard the Nijinsky, 1970 Triple Crown, Worn by the winners, it was placed on the statue of the legendary knight on the lawn of the Queen Elizabeth II amphitheater. Another minute of applause will be thrown at 4pm on Saturday, half an hour before the derby kicks off at 4.30pm.