2022 – Tamagotchi Kids: Could the future of parenthood be having virtual kids in the Metaverse Zone? | Artificial Intelligence (AI)

family name: Tamagotchi kids.

the age: She’s not born yet, though she won’t be long, says Catriona Campbell.

she is pregnant? No. Well, I don’t know, that’s not the point.

What is this the point? Some people may choose not to get pregnant again.

It’s already happening, isn’t it? True, for many reasons including environmental concerns, overpopulation, increased child-rearing costs, etc.

if from Is that almostSo Triona Campbell? One of the UK’s leading bodies in the field of artificial intelligence. She has a new book called AI by Design: A Blueprint for Life with Artificial Intelligence.

What do you say in it? that “in 50 years, technology will be so advanced that children in the Metaverse will not be different from children in the real world.”

From concept to virtual perception… the digital fetus. Photo: Sebastian Kaulitzki/Getty Images/Science Photo Library RF

Does this mean that? Mark Zuckerberg Will it be everyone’s father? or… (shakeNick Clegg? No. This means that virtual digital children will exist in the metaverse, which you know is the immersive digital future of the Internet. Campbell predicts that within half a century they will be familiar and accepted by society. I called this digital demographic the Tamagotchi Jill, after those digital pet toys from Japan, remember?

So will our new babies be egg-shaped and have three buttons? Do we quickly get bored and forget them? Technology has evolved since the 1990s. Campbell says virtual babies will look like you and you can play and cuddle with them. They will be able to simulate emotional responses as well as language ranging from “Googoo Gaga” to back chat as they age.

I hate it when they become teenagers. Then put it aside.

So we will decide how fast they grow? or when they grow up.

And when we are bored With you? Well, if you have a monthly subscription, which Campbell thinks could happen, I think you can cancel.

If you come! Customer service can be better in the future.

It seems A bit creepy, isn’t it? Think about the benefits: low cost and environmental impact. And fewer worries – although you may want a part of that programmed for a more realistic parenting experience.

any downsides? Well, you might think that if you could turn it on and off, it’s more like a miserable doll than a human of your own flesh and blood. But this is just old fashioned.

Say: “Sold. I’ll take 2.4 of them please.”

Do not say: “No more than your cheek and you are deleted!”