2022 – Tennis authorities must ban fist shooting | Tennis

Wendy Owen says that twists and turns in tennis can lead to injuries to the hip and lower leg (Letters, May 20). I wonder if the two-handed shot might also contribute, with one arm pushing the bones in a slightly different direction than the other. For aesthetic reasons only, I wish the tennis authorities had banned it. Iga Swiatek’s backhand might be devastating, but it couldn’t match the beauty of Carla Suárez Navarro’s one-handed version.
Michael Poli
Châlons-sur-Saône, France

I have a lasting memory of watching the former Wimbledon singles champions hand out medals in celebration of the first 100 event in the men’s singles in 1977. That’s when I realized you should avoid working out. Several former tennis players were limp, using sticks and looking somewhat worn out when they entered the main court.
Jennifer Henley

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