2022 – Texas authorities tell mother of one of Uvalde’s victims that her daughter may have survived if police acted sooner, state senator says

A state police officer holds a sign given to be placed at a memorial honoring the victims who died on Saturday, April 28.

  • The authorities told the mother of one of Uvalde’s victims that if the police entered the classroom early, her daughter might be alive.
  • Democratic Senator Ronald Gutierrez shared the tragic tale on CNN Sunday morning.
  • Gutierrez called a special legislative session to address the issue of gun control in Texas.

A Texas senator said Sunday that Texas authorities told the mother of one of the Yuvaldi school shooting victims that her daughter might have survived if police entered the classroom earlier.

State Senator Ronald Gutierrez, a Democrat who represents Yuvaldi, spoke on CNN about the case of the murdered child, who was one of 19 students and teachers killed on March 24 by the 18-year-old gunman.

“My mom told me her baby was shot in the back through the kidney area,” Gutierrez told CNN. “The first responder they finally spoke to said that their baby might have bled to death. In that extra 30 or 40 minutes, the little girl might have survived.”

In at least 12 cases, police changed their accounts of how law enforcement responded to the shootings.

I asked (Ministry of Public Security) what point each of their officers had reached. At what point do local police take over operations, or should they? At what point does the next higher authority, the DPS, take over operational control, or should they? And they’ve been waiting a bit too, Gutierrez said.

Local authorities initially claimed that they responded to the shooting “within minutes”. As of Wednesday, officials said, about 40 minutes to an hour passed between the time the gunman entered the compound and the time he was shot dead by a border guard. Authorities now say the shooting spree at the gunman’s school lasted 78 minutes.

“Certainly, these mistakes can also lead to the death of these children,” Gutierrez said on Sunday.

Texas Department of Public Safety Director Steve McCrowe said Friday that Uvald Unified School District Police Chief Pete Arredondo was the commander at the scene during the shooting. Macro said Arredondo erred when he called for authorities to be barred from entering the classroom where the gunman opened fire.

Gutierrez said he spoke to McCraw about blaming Ardondo alone. When asked by CNN’s Dana Bach if any authorities at the scene had challenged Arredondo’s decision at the time, Gutierrez said: “Unfortunately, no.”

“It’s not fair to blame the local ISD police officer. At the end of the day, everyone here fails. We’ve let these kids down. We’ve let them down even in the Texas legislature,” Gutierrez said.

During a news conference with Texas Governor Greg Abbott, Gutierrez called for a special legislative session to address the issue of gun control.

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