Texas Powerwall owners can help Tesla change the mind of the Electrical Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) to allow homeowners to choose virtual power stations (VPPs).

The Texas power grid is notorious for its struggles, and recent news reports have said the grid is vulnerable to the summer heat. Hey ho! Finance It reported that for the third time, ERCOT had asked Texans to limit their electricity use. The article asked the following question: “If the power grid can’t handle the spring’s electricity demands, what does that mean for Texans heading into the summer?”

One way to loosen the network is to allow homeowners to participate in VPPs. Tesla Powerwall customers can help with this. However, this is not an option for Texans. Tesla hopes to change that and has called on Tesla Powerwall customers to help their country see the light.

Tesla is asking its Texas Powerwall owners to sign up for the Tesla ERCOT offer. PV . magazine It initially stated that Tesla plans to demonstrate to ERCOT that a fleet of Powerwalls can distribute energy values ​​generated from its Powerwall batteries as a VPP made up of volunteer Powerwall owners.

If a Tesla Powerwall customer chooses to display Tesla ERCOT, Powerwalls will be used in both tests and demos with the utility. This determines the capabilities of the fleet. As a thank you for completing at least 80% of the tests, Tesla will give customers a $40 Tesla Gift Card.

During the demonstration, Tesla controls the electrical walls of the participants. This includes charging and discharging, configuring the device to automatically respond to network conditions, and supporting tests that demonstrate network services. Tesla also says that it will not drain the battery below 20% of its capacity to allow for backup.

For those who want to participate, Tesla also advised that the show will run from the time you sign in via the Tesla app until you sign out or when the demo is complete. To learn more about the demo, click here.


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