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Her article on Parental Overwhelm addresses the difficulties young people face as they explore different careers (“How is this a real job?” Parents struggle to keep pace with children’s career opportunities, May 19). A century ago, housekeeping, mining, and textiles were among the most common jobs. Roles like UX Designer were unimaginable and we won’t see many roles in 100 years.

Parents have a huge influence on young people’s choices, but their knowledge and networks can be a limitation – and not just when it comes to these new careers. When my son wanted to get an apprenticeship in construction, I didn’t have any industry experience to bring with me. Similarly, parents without college experience may find it difficult to provide advice and support if their child wishes to pursue an academic path.

This is why career counselors are so important in schools and universities. Qualified advisors keep abreast of professional trends and are therefore in an ideal position to provide support. The best career programs in schools and colleges not only focus on students, but also motivate parents to broaden their horizons about potential careers and increase their confidence in the decisions their children make.

Your article reinforces our important role as parents, but we don’t have to do this alone. Ask to see a career counselor at your child’s school or college to avoid “career fog.”
David Morgan
Director General of Career Development Institute

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