2022 – The father of a 10-year-old boy killed in a shooting in Ovaldi says: ‘Assault rifles should not be sold’.

A view from the temporary memorial in front of Robb Elementary School in Ovaldi, Texas on May 25, 2022.

  • The father of one of the Yuvaldi massacre victims told The Independent that “assault rifles should not be sold”.
  • Jesse Rodriguez’s 10-year-old daughter died during the Robb Elementary School shooting.
  • Rodriguez’s daughter Annabel was one of 19 children shot dead during the attack.

“Assault rifles should not be sold,” said the father of a child killed in a shooting in Ovaldi, Texas, last week. Independent reports.

“We understand that we have an assault rifle for the military and not for personal use,” Jesse Rodriguez told the outlet. “Should we not shoot our children… all the children were shot as if they were animals.”

His daughter Annabelle, 10, was killed in a mass shooting at Robb Elementary School, killing 19 children and two teachers. Family members described Annabelle as an honor student.

Rodriguez told The Independent that Annabelle wanted to be a vet and “loved music”. Her cousin, Jacqueline Cazares, was also killed in the attack.

The shooter was identified as an 18-year-old who was fatally shot at the scene. Officials previously said he bought a rifle and 375 rounds shortly after his birthday earlier this month. In Texas, anyone can purchase a handgun at the age of 18.

“It’s not fair to sell a kid an assault rifle, especially that amount of magazines and bullets,” Rodriguez told The Independent. “It’s incredible.”

Officials, including President Joe Bidender who visited Yuvaldi at the weekend, called for gun control after the tragedy.

“To everyone affected by the horrific shooting at Ovaldi, Texas Elementary School, we grieve with you,” Biden said. chirp Sunday. “We pray with you. We stand by you. We are committed to turning this pain into action.”

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