2022 – The first Ford F-150 Lightning customer shares first impressions!

It wasn’t long ago that Ford announced an all-new electric pickup called F-150 flash. The Tesla Cybertruck predated the Lightning release, and many people loved the unique design and specs. However, there was also a group that did not, indicating that they prefer a more traditional look. Enter Lightning, an electrified design with an electric build. Ford F-Series trucks have been selling really, really well for decades, so it simply makes sense to adapt the F-150, a car that millions have bought, with an EV platform.

lucky for us Nico Schmidt, who just got his first release of the new Lightning, shares some of his first impressions. (He also owns Tesla, and works as a technical director at Strength of the schemeHe knows his purposes CleanTechnica.)

Why did you decide to buy the F-150 Lightning? Have you considered Rivian or Cybertruck?

We considered all three and kept the CT scans as well. The Rivian was very small at first glance, so it was an F-150 or CT. what came out first; I want to buy. My wife ended up preferring the look of the F-150 so it worked better.

What version/version of Lightning have you received, what scope is included, and will you be able to receive the state EV tax credit?

Platinum trim. The specified range is 300 miles. I’ll get the federal loan.

Did the car come with a home charger or did you have to buy it separately?

It comes with one in this piece but it is not in stock yet. Fortunately, I also have a Tesla Model 3, so we have a NEMA 14-50 in the garage and will only be using the included mobile phone charger for now.

What is your previous experience with electric cars?

We have a Tesla Model 3 LR Performance Edition since 2019.

Image credit: Nick Schmidt

How many miles round trip was your road trip to Mackinac Island?

304 miles.

Did you manage to find a public charging station along the way?

I blogging about it a few days ago. The charging experience isn’t great with Ford vs. Tesla. On our way home we found the Electrify America station which was much better.

What will you primarily use for Lightning?

We live on a farm in rural Michigan, so during the camping season I would move wood and other things and draw the air. We use our trucks as tools here, so it’s not just about commuting or grocery shopping.

What do you like the most and least so far?

After today, the towing experience is great. Instant torque is a game-changer for pulling things off. My wife and I don’t like the charging network and Ford Sync in the least.

Online merchant premiums for electric cars have been talked about due to high demand, and in general some dealers are also introducing new internal combustion engines for other reasons such as the current high inflation. Have you encountered additional merchant fees for Lightning?

We have a great dealer in town, Richardson, who didn’t have makeup on the truck and I doubt they would. We are a small community and we take care of everyone. I’ve seen these posts too, and it never occurred to me that they would do anything similar.

Do you also have a solar power system at home that can provide some of the electricity you need to charge your electric car?

We have 22 kilowatts of solar energy on our roof and two energy walls in the basement. Of course, we will use part of it for shipping. The fact that the entire family relies on electric cars was part of the investment decision for our small grid. Our company Blueprint Power specializes in network and market sharing for assets that run behind scale and resiliency. Seeing the value of this disc in action made performing it at home a no-brainer.


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