2022 – The first memorial service for the victims of the Texas school shooting is held today | School shooting in Texas

A memorial service for the 19 children and teachers killed in a mass shooting at their Ovaldi elementary school will begin Monday, a day after Joe Biden visited a small South Texas town and urged residents to take action against the gun seizure. safety rules.

Relatives, classmates and friends of Amiri Jo Garza, who turned 10 on May 10, just two weeks before she was shot, will gather on Monday at the funeral home across from Robb Elementary School, where last Tuesday’s massacre occurred.

The frightened children had fled to Hillcrest Memorial Funeral Home a few yards away when the gunman caused a massacre at the school and also killed two teachers, and now Amiri Joe and more of the dead are waiting there in coffins to be buried there by a senseless city devastated by the atrocities.

Amir Joe Garza will be buried with prayer at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Ovaldi on Tuesday, a week after the shooting, as US President and First Lady Jill Biden attended mass before meeting with loved ones during their Sunday visit, the survivors and the first. responders.

Many other funerals will soon follow in a sickening chain as the 21 victims are mourned in a place of fewer than 16,000 people.

Even in the city’s shock, parents are calling for their children’s safety from gun violence — shouting a lot at Biden and Texas Governor Greg Abbott on Sunday — but asking more nagging questions about why armed police have been waiting for more than an hour outside. He was waiting for the chapter where the shooter killed a lot.

A bystander from the Biden family, who attended the unofficial memorial with flowers and photos outside the school on Sunday, challenged that he needs politicians to act.

“Our children do not deserve this,” shouted an unidentified resident. Later, a viewer called Biden to “do something,” to which he responded “we’ll do” in his only public comments that day.

Amiri Jo’s family described her as a “rude singer”. Her father, Alfred Garza, has criticized the inaction on gun safety laws allowing an 18-year-old woman to purchase assault rifles and hundreds of ammunition he used to commit the murders last week.

We should have more restrictions, especially in these children [the gunmen] They are not in a good state of mind and just want to harm people, especially innocent children at school.”

Besides calls for gun safety, nagging questions continue to grow about why the local armed police waited more than an hour outside the classroom as the teenage gunman killed so many and seemed to violate state policy.

Garza said his daughter received a cell phone for her birthday and used it to call 911 when the shooting began in her classroom. But the chain of calls from children and adults at school was in vain.

The US Department of Justice will now investigate the police response. Federal Border Patrol agents entered the classroom about 80 minutes after gunman Salvador Ramos locked himself with his victims, barricaded himself there and shot him dead.

Father Javier Casares was running to Robb Elementary, his daughter’s school, when he heard there was a shooting and left his truck open with the door as he ran toward the school yard. He has a gun but in a hurry he was not with him in case of emergency.

He shared how he spent an agonizing 35 to 45 minutes scanning school runaways for his nine-year-old daughter, Jacqueline.

All the while he longed to walk inside himself – and along with other parents, he became increasingly angry that the police had not done more to stop the gunman.

“A lot of us were arguing with the police, ‘You all have to go there. You all have to do your job,’” said Kazares, a veteran. “We were ready to go to work and rush.”

Uvalde is a predominantly Hispanic community located among vegetable fields halfway between San Antonio and the US-Mexico border.

This tragedy is the deadliest since the Sandy Hook, Connecticut, shooting in December 2012, when 26 people were killed in the elementary school.