2022 – The Frightnrs: Always Review – Fragile reggae and a matter of the heart | reggae

cCreating this “difficult second album” becomes even more difficult when the singer on your debut tragically dies. This was the situation in Brooklyn after 2016 There is nothing else to say, An album that subtly evoked the late 1960s Jamaican rock era that owed much to singer Dan Klein, who developed a neuromuscular disease shortly after its completion.

As the title suggests, the crafting of the follow-up that Klein left behind was a labor of love for the remaining trio and their talented producer, Victor Axelrod (aka Ticklah). Some tracks, like perhaps Isle, are clearly visible for what they are, like their debut. Elsewhere, as in 30-56 and Profilin, the group leapt forward ten years in Jamaica to embrace reggae’s more intense pace and use sporadic and resonant versions to extend the sounds they had.

It’s all meticulously put together and the band’s playing remains fresh and compelling, allowing their absence to be well disguised at the heart of the record. However, one cannot help but wonder what greater successes would have been if Klein were still with us. The agony of his longing is manifested in the epilogue Why does it sound like a curse?

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