2022 – The Great Gatsby mocks racist ideology through itinerant millionaires | Scott Fitzgerald

Her article on the Great Replacement Theory states that Madison Grant’s pseudo-scientific and racist book Passing the Great Race was included in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby (Deadly Ideology: How the Great Replacement Theory Goes in the Mainstream, June 8)” referred to “).

Indeed, Fitzgerald’s book ridicules Grant’s ideas of white supremacy by praising corrupt narcissistic millionaire Tom Buchanan for Goddard’s work, Lothrop Stoddard’s thin mask, which covers the rising tides of color the same area as Grant.

Fitzgerald does not “refer to” the work of Stoddard and Grant, but attacks them head-on, with Tom’s advice horribly reminiscent of today’s Republican Right and its de facto leader: “These books are all scholarly…they lie, watch out for us, who are the dominant race, or Those other races will be in control.” Daisy is the one who makes an ironic point. “We have to knock them down,” she says, blinking wildly.

Unfortunately, today we need more than just violent satire.
Richard Ellis

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