2022 – The Guardian view of the United Nations in Xinjiang: a fatal mistake | Editorial Board

UN Human Rights Coordinator Michelle Bachelet has failed to address the horrific human rights violations in the region

“Not just justified, but justified,” a shouted the Chinese diplomat on Twitter. His statement came just days after an international media association revealed new details about the horrific abuses taking place in Xinjiang. Internal Chinese documents – obtained by a hacker and leaked to the BBC and others – put a human face on some of the perhaps one million detainees, mostly Muslim Uyghurs held without charge or trial in re-education camps. 15 years.

Xinjiang police files also revealed a “shoot-to-kill” policy for anyone trying to flee these centers, imprisoning people for up to 10 years for running out of phone credit – apparently seen as an attempt to avoid digital devices. Media monitoring. In one county, one in eight adults was imprisoned in 2017/18. Previously documented abuses include forced sterilization, sending children to government boarding schools because their parents are imprisoned, and people detained because they have relatives abroad.

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