© Reuters. A man tries to wipe the stained cake on the protective glass of the “Mona Lisa” at the Louvre Museum in Paris, France on May 29, 2022 in this screenshot from a video on social media. Twitter / @klevisl007 / via Reuters

PARIS (Reuters) – The Mona Lisa was shaken but unharmed on Sunday when a visitor to the Louvre tried to smash the glass protecting the world’s most famous painting before smearing its surface with cream, in an apparent climate publicity ploy.

The culprit was a man dressed as an old lady who jumped out of a wheelchair before attacking the glass.

And the author of a video clip about the aftermath of the accident posted a Louvre employee cleaning the glass, “Maybe it’s just crazy…”. “(He) then smears cakes on the glass and throws flowers all over the place before the security guards attack him.”

The Louvre could not be reached for comment.

Another video posted on social media showed the same employee finishing cleaning the painting while another worker removed a wheelchair in front of the da Vinci masterpiece.

“Think of the earth, people are destroying the earth,” said the French crooked man in another video that showed him pulling away on wheels from the Paris fair, noting that the accident likely had to do with the impulse of environmentalists.