2022 – The report said the royal family will not reveal its investigation into Meghan Markle’s allegations of bullying to protect the privacy of those involved.

Meghan Markle attends the Invictus Games on April 17, 2022 in The Hague, Netherlands.

  • A new report says the investigation into allegations that Meghan Markle has been bullied by royal staff will not be revealed.
  • The Sunday Times reported that the investigation led to changes in the human resources department at Buckingham Palace.
  • Meghan Markle officials earlier described the allegations as a “calculated smear campaign”.

A Buckingham Palace investigation into allegations that Meghan Markle intimidated royal family employees will not be released. This came from a new report in the Sunday Times.

Royal sources told the outlets that an investigation into allegations that Meghan was bullying royal staff led to Buckingham Palace “improving policies and procedures” in its human resources department. According to The Times, the investigation was paid for by the Queen and carried out by an independent law firm.

The newspaper said the report’s findings were “confidential to protect the privacy of participants and reduce tensions between the Sussex family and minors”. The post also states that some of the people involved in the investigation are upset about her “burial”.

Buckingham Palace officials did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

The investigation began in March 2021 – before Prince Harry and Meghan met Oprah Winfrey – after which Valentine Law reported in The Times of London that Meghan had bullied two senior staff members during her time with the royal family.

In a statement issued by Insider, the palace said it was “clearly very concerned” about the allegations and that the royal family has a “dignity at work” policy that does not tolerate harassment. “Employees concerned at this point, including those who have left home, will be invited to participate to see if lessons can be learned,” the statement said.

Representatives for the Duchess of Sussex have denied the allegations and told the newspaper they believe the allegations are likely to be timed to undermine the couple’s television interview.

“Let’s call it what it is – a calculated defamation campaign based on disinformation and devastating. We are disappointed that this defamatory image of the Duchess of Sussex is being credible by a media outlet.”

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