2022 – The Secret News Service is ready to testify before the Jan. 6 committee that Donald Trump never grabbed the wheel of a limousine or rushed toward customers. Witness Against Cassidy Hutchinson’s Latest Statements, by Connor Sormonte John. 29 2022, posted at 7:55 PM ET

Well, in a shocking development related to the allegations made before the House Committee on Tuesday, Engel and the car’s driver were said to have both been reported on January 6. ready to testify Under oath before the committee to prove Hutchinson’s allegations false.

“A source close to the Secret Service has told me that both the principal agent, Bobby Engel, and the president’s limo/SUV driver are willing to testify under oath that neither of the two men was assaulted and that Mr. Trump never jumped behind the wheel.” White House Correspondents for NBC News, Peter AlexanderTweet Tuesday night.

A source close to the Secret Service said: [ABC’s Pierre Thomas] Expect the Secret Service to deny any allegations of assault on an agent or for President Trump to take the wheel.” John Santucci chirp too.