KDid Bush eat an unexpected hit with a 37-year-old? Strange things, if you can excuse the pun, have happened, but not many. Run Up That Hill (Deal with God), which first peaked at number three in the UK in 1985, has since climbed to the top of the iTunes charts in the UK and US and has been featured in the Netflix series Stranger Things. It’s also climbed to No. 4 on the Spotify Top 200 chart – after a 153% increase in streams – and the Stranger Things effect means it’s now the artist’s most streamed track, taking Halloween to the heights of Wuthering.

Stranger Things – a supernatural horror/sci-fi set in the ’80s in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana – is a hit especially with Generation Z from 10 to 25 years old, bringing our vulnerable youth within reach of all kinds of audiovisual nostalgia, from pop music Historical mullet hairstyles.

Run Up That Hill – from Bush’s classic album Hounds Of Love – debuted in the first episode of season four. She is played on the Walkman by the character of Max Mayfield (Sadie Sink), a lone skateboarder and one of the primary group of teenagers on the show, and reappears in the other main scenes. The character, grieving the loss of her half-brother Billy, faces death in a camouflaged underworld at the hands (or rather the tentacles) of the murderous demon Vicna, who preys on troubled teens before Max’s friends rescue them by killing them with her favorite song. through her headphones. The lyrics of Running in The Hill—”If I could just make a deal with God, I’d make him change places”—resonate with Max’s guilt over Billy’s death, illustrating the power of music as a healing, awakening force.

This isn’t the first time an old tune has had an Indian summer surprise after starring in Stranger Things. Limahl’s tune for The NeverEnding Story enjoyed an 800% increase in YouTube searches after its appearance in Season 3, leading the former Kajagoogoo star to tell Entertainment Weekly that he was “very impressed” with his reappearance.

Could the other songs appearing in season 4 have some of the effect of Stranger Things? Keep an eye on dead or alive as you spin around (like a record) talking psychopathic killer heads, driving young musicians away from the coolly titled classic Dutchie and the Cramps you were a teenage werewolf discover.

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