2022 – The super useful electric scooters for the world

Ben Silver dreams of becoming a global change agent in the couple. That dream is embodied in a map of the world on his conference room wall – with marks in Australia for his local business, design, retail in Italy, and manufacturing in China.

Gasoline zero and Duo to conquer the world.

We talked about how Ben and his then-business partner, now business partner, Joe D’Ercole ran three motorcycle retailers in Brisbane from 2000 to 2015 and sold over 18,000 scooters (we really need a better word for these). “We have fundamentally changed the way people get around in southeast Queensland,” he says proudly. “Now I want to do it on a global scale, and do it electrically!”

Vespa in the conference room left zero gasoline to his past as Scooterlife.

Pre Duo Vespa.

To that end, Joe and Ben designed the duo, so named because it’s a work/leisure bike. It has also been called a “super utility” electric scooter.

“Everything should have more than one purpose,” says Ben. To my non-technical eye, it looks like a merger of a bike and scooter that aspire to be a pickup truck. Look tough and capable.

the couple.

When I met Ben at the Noosa EV he was very busy answering questions. He introduced himself as Chief Plugger Inner. Still, but it’s so much more than that. He has a very clear view of the world’s needs and the gaps that exist in the delivery of clean energy for mobility. The duo is designed to fit between running wheels and pickup trucks. Ben also likes to do things right – he doesn’t want to start his marketing program until he has a quality product in reasonable quantities.

He’s made sure the duo is equipped with high-quality components that exceed EU standards for batteries, motors, brakes and wheel size. The duo use Bosch motors and Samsung batteries. The quality of the bike must meet the requirements of Ben. “If I wasn’t willing to drive it, I wouldn’t sell it.”

The first container load of Duos (and plenty of spare parts) arrived, and Ben was meticulously going through the bikes to make sure his dealer network (4 had already signed up and others are considering the product) had enough in stock. Demand in Australia is expected to be high. The duo is expected to launch in the Philippines and Singapore soon. Negotiations are underway with 20 other countries. The global market for this car will be in the hundreds of millions.

The women have embraced the bike and seen it as a companion champ with a range of around 100km, a top speed of 50km/h and a street price of around A$5,000. Ben is also in talks with delivery fleet managers. The 20kg battery can be easily removed from the scooter and inserted inside to charge in a regular socket. The duo comes with a 10,000 km warranty.

For those concerned about battery life, Ben explains that the Benzina Zero has agreements with Green Fleet and BCycle.

The Benzina Zero – which means “no petrol” in Italian – aims to play a large role in the global shift towards electric vehicles. The duo is able to meet a wide range of needs while reducing our carbon footprint. Gidget can not only go to Rome, but also sustainably!

Audrey Hepburn on her duo

Gidget goes to Rome with a couple.

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