2022 – This month’s best theaters to air: Death of England, Grenfell and more | The theater

England’s death

It started as an online mini-style about football made for the Guardian and Royal Court. Seven years later, the story of the England deaths of Clint Dyer and Roy Williams had grown into a captivating trilogy that took two stages at the National Theater and ended up on TV. Together, the productions delve deeper into family, friendship, race and national identity, with stunning performances from Raf Spall, Michael Balogun, Neil Maskel and Gilles Terrera. All three are now available on NT in the home.


Can you imagine a half-hour binaural musical show about the retirement of a guide dog, at 11 o’clock from the dog’s point of view? Brown-eyed, black, and violet-eyed German Shepherd stars in a warm and sweet Tom Adams sound experience that celebrates the teamwork inspired by the bond between a guide dog and owner. There is an irrepressible spirit everywhere, with bustle-like rumbles amid the tempo and strumming. A comforting and gently revealing experience, taped to one sitting room to hear in another. Presented by Camden People’s Theatre.

Catherine Fernez Gray as Nelly in Dust. Pictured: Stephen Penny


There is a precious mini theater online for young children, so we wish you a shout out to Halbmond’s on-demand service, which includes Laura Dockrill Dust’s play for four to nine years. Produced in collaboration with Z-Arts, it is the story of the restless Teach swinging in the eccentric home of Nellie. And what a home: Peter Morton’s design is a rotating floral mansion with a hanging gramophone. The story of overcoming fears and navigating new relationships is a fluffy one as Dockrill considers the value of the dust that settles over our lives – and the need to blow it up now and then.

Brighton Edge

There are over twenty digital productions at the vibrant Sussex Arts Festival featuring work by Israeli, Australian, American and other international talents. Earth & Fire, Water & Air, one of Vince Licata’s three recorded fringe films, tracing the lives of four astronauts while they are there, four short works created by calligrapher and choreographer Chiharu Kuronuma and juggler Teruki Okamoto. Plus puppet art, cabaret and “the world’s first play to be told entirely from a tree perspective”. So hurry up to the 5th of June.


An urgent exploration of Najdana’s call to war is cooperation with the Kyiv theater. Otvetka premiered in Ukraine weeks after the invasion of Russia. Kate Vostrikova plays the story of a pregnant woman in a study of the psychological effects of war. Submitted by Popdipingdi Productions in association with Finborough and available on Youtube.

Henry VI Part One

Based on their spring productions of Henry VI: The Rebellion and the Wars of the Roses, the Royal Shakespeare Company has streamed live rehearsals for the first part of the trilogy, including action, combat and promise lessons. This was the first time that RSC had involved the audience in the creation process in this way, culminating in a full round-up of the play. This tour is now available on request until 09/30.

my life

Digital platforms are not just an opportunity to see theatrical performances that you have missed. They can give an initial idea of โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹the work associated with theatre. Such is the case with the new Northern Ballet short film My Life, designed by Dixon MBI. Inspired by the company’s Casanova production – and similarly a reimagining of the story of the legendary Lothario – it will be developed for the stage this fall. A beautifully illustrated vortex of pleasure, pain, freedom, and imprisonment.

Thomas Wheatley, Ron Cook, and Sarah Coates in Greenville: Value Engineering. Photo: Tristram Kenton/The Guardian


“I was really shocked,” journalist Richard Norton Taylor said of the evidence presented to the Grenfell investigation. โ€œFalse. Neglect. Totally irrelevant situation. Cost cutting. Greed.โ€ Directed by regular collaborator Nicholas Kent, the film was shot in London at the Tabernacle Theater – near the theater of tragedy – in 2021 and will be released on Channel 4 ( which was available at the time on All 4) on June 12 and 13, with the title abbreviated Greenville.

a smile

Director and choreographer Millie Promes’ slow-burning film begins with dancers emerging from shimmering constellation to pulsing beats and continuing to blend lighting, costume and sound designs with captivating results. Brilliantly presented in this 50-minute movie, available to pay for what you can from Battersea Center for the Arts through June 5th, it’s fun and powerful.

The misfortune of the English

In 1936 a group of schoolchildren in London went hiking in the German Black Forest. Five of them have never returned home. Pamela Carter traced the boys’ journey through her play on tragedy, evolving into a confrontation with British and German identity. Directed by Oscar Toman at the Orange Tree Theatre, available on request through June 3.