2022 – Thor: Love and Thunder review: Chris Hemworth and Taika Waititi fail to repeat Ragnarok

Marvel’s enviable record of creative and commercial sweethearts dating back to Iron Man is starting to look less indomitable, with signs of weakness emerging in the legendary Eternals and some of Disney+’s smaller endeavours (see Knight, Moon).

While meeting Waititi and co-star Chris Hemsworth seemed like an unmissable proposition that should generate quite a buzz, the latest rehearsal is deeply fascinated by the actor’s comedic skills and the idiocy involved, while the lack of a brilliant villain type that goes with him helped elevate” Ragnarok”. When I got serious.

Cate Blanchett and Christian Bale share the same initials, but Hela stands head and shoulders above the butcher of Gorr the God, a character whose tragic background takes a sinister turn when he acquires a Necrosword and vows to use the mystical tool to save everyone. He killed the gods, including Thor and his Asgardian friends.

As for Thor, his carefree existence becomes even more complicated when he leaves the Guardians of the Galaxy behind before his longtime lover, Jane Foster (Natalie Portman), returns inside unexpectedly—literally, as it turns out since Jane has Thor-like powers gained through a bond With his old hammer, Mjolnir, as she hides a secret that explains her sudden interest in magic.

Describing an eclectic bio that ranges from bizarre TV comedies to a planned Star Wars movie, Waititi finds humor in the strangest of places, such as Thor’s strange relationship with his Stormbreaker axe, which he seems to be jealous of when interacting with other weapons.

The movie also features other great cameos – including Russell Crowe as an eccentric Zeus – that fuels the sense of playfulness that Waititi (who shares the script with Jennifer Kaiten Robinson) tried to encourage, all the way to the one type synopsis of Thor’s story so far plus songs Well-chosen Guns N’ Roses based on Led Zeppelin’s contribution to “Ragnarok”.

But despite some really brilliant visual flourishes and Hemsworth’s hilarity in portraying Thor as a racy doll — including a nude that’s already over-marketed and still had a huge laugh — the gags often fall short in Love and Thunder. There is also something fishy about the way the children participate in the story.

Overall, the most encouraging moment may actually come during the mid-credits sequence that hints at a promising plot for an upcoming fifth movie, with the standard promise that “Thor will return.”

When it comes to Marvel graphics, hope tends to jump for good. However, given the lag between these huge missions, it’s disappointing to pin our hopes on the next one. However, Thor: Love and Thunder basically lays this script down, with a movie that’s muscular and handsome, but sporadically lovable at best, and harder to love.

Thor: Love and Thunder opens in US theaters July 8. It is rated PG-13.

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