2022 – Top Gun: Maverick Review – The irresistible Tom Cruise rises in a great sequel | Top Gun: Maverick

aWe are back. A full 36 years (including some delays related to Covid runways) after US Naval Aviation’s recruitment ad for Tony Scott became a huge hit on the big screen, Tom Cruise is back to doing what he does best – flashing his cute/crazy, bent smile. His alien body is ageless in a stunning thriller that, despite all his stupid male paraphernalia, still manages to get your bloody breath away.

From the polished opening shots of planes flying off an aircraft carrier to the sounds of the danger zone in Kenny Logan, not much has changed in the world of Better – Less than all cruises. The defector may be testing aircraft in the Mojave Desert, but he still has the jacket, bike(s), flying goggles, and (most importantly) the “Need for Speed” that made him so successful in 1986. He also got the Rebellion streak that Moved by the machine which prevented him from rising above the level of the captain – shown in the opening sequence of Mach 10 which does not raise his hat to Philip Kaufmann much correct types Like flying past with a smile too arrogant to eat popcorn. See you serious movie suckers!

“Their species is on the verge of extinction,” roared forward-thinking Admiral Ed Harris (aka the “Drone Ranger”), before gritting his teeth to admit that the Maverick had already been called up to Top Gun — not to fly, but to fly. education ‘Best of the Best’ How to quickly detonate a uranium enrichment plant, a task that requires no one buttwo Successive miracles.” Maverick asserts: “I am not a teacher, I am a fighter pilot.” But of course he can be both.

As it should be, Maverick immediately throws the rulebook into the trash (Literally – metaphors are not accurate) and tells his team of recent aspirants that the only thing that matters is “your limits; I intend to find and test them.” The Cue Dogfight training sequences were played to classical music box pieces as little brutes perform 200 push-ups on the platform. At the local bar, Jennifer Connelly serves up drinks and a love interest (Kelly McGills apparently wasn’t invited to that party), while Dick Miles Teller hits big balls of fire on the piano, flashing back memories of the Maverick, an Anthony. Edwards cradles the goose she is best known for cooking in the first movie.

In it lies the heart of the piece. Because Rooster is Goose’s son and Maverick (who still blames himself) doesn’t want to be in charge of repeating history for himself. “If I send him on this mission, he may not come back; if I don’t send him he will never forgive me. Either way, I could lose him forever.” Tough choice, bro.

Description of Cruise Made One Better I kept trying to hit a bullet with a bullet – what is exactly The kind of things Maverick would say. But working with director Joseph Kosinski (who Cruz worked with) amnesia) and screenwriters, including regular collaborator Christopher Macquarie, have done just that. For all of Miller Time’s nostalgic sequences of shirtless beach sports and responses to oddly influential characters (snowman Val Kilmer proves unexpectedly poignant), Top Gun: Maverick It offers a kind of airy scene that reminds people why going to the movies is better than staying at home and watching Netflix.

The plot can be ironically predictable (like Richard Gere in Policeman and gentleman, Tom wakes up where he belongs), but the emotional rhythms are meticulously choreographed like stunts. As for the mantra “Don’t think, just do it” (cheeky re-imagining of star Wars“Use the force, Luke”), they are as much guidance for the audience as they are for the pilots.

Personally, I found myself powerless to resist; Afraid of real flying and nerve-wracking aerial leaps, fond of the sugary glow of Cruz relentlessly attacking his facial muscles, and ashamed to cry with moments of hate to be manipulated. In the immortal words of Abbas Waterloo: “You have been defeated, you have won the war.” I give up.