2022 – TV Tonight: The Terrifying Story of Once Upon a Time in Lundongrad | Television

Once upon a time in Lundongrad
9 p.m., Sky Documentary

“As an investigative journalist, he often asks me if I’m intimidated doing this kind of work,” says reporter Heidi Blake, who guides us through this six-part segment. “My honest answer has always been no – but I have to say that working on this story has changed.” Set in two decades of Vladimir Putin’s rule in power, the film chronicles the death of billionaire businessman Scott Young, who was linked to Russian oligarchs, 10 Downing Street and Washington, D.C. after his ex-wife said she didn’t think it was a suicide. Holly Richardson

Marcus Wearing Tales from the Kitchen Garden
7pm, BBC Two

In the final installment of this warm embrace of a series that follows the pace of life of the slowest chef in the country, he takes a trip to Kent to grow a nut orchard on a farm. Then he gets a lesson in mastering compost. the master

Bake: the pros
8 pm, Channel 4

Sweets Week… Liam Charles and Stacey Solomon in Bake Off: The Professionals. Image source: Mark Bourdillon / Love Productions

a mountain of burnt donuts sporting a character; 24 Layer Sliced ​​Crepe Cakes are delicious with this particular thing…it could just be Dessert Week. Liam Charles and Stacey Solomon stand ready to placate the remaining seven pros who face the reign of Benoit Blaine and Church Find. the master

Lucy Worsley Investigations: The Black Death
9pm, BBC Two

In an episode that doesn’t feel far from our last reality, the historian turns her magnifying glass to the first wave of the Black Death in 1348 – a pandemic that wiped out a third of Britain’s population in just a few years. I started by testing DNA skeletons of plague victims. the master

24 hour emergency room
9 pm, Channel 4

A look back at some of St George’s Hospital’s most memorable shots: from the personal trainer who broke his leg after being kicked by a horse, to the heart attack survivor whose nose didn’t stop bleeding. the master

nation state
10pm, BBC Two

Conclusion…Brendan Gleeson and Patricia Clarkson (left and center) in the State of the Union. Image source: Laura Radford / BBC / © 2021 Sundance TV LLC & AMC Film Holdings LLC.

The thoughtful series from Stephen Frears and Nick Hornby continues to explore the dissolution of the marriage of Ellen and Scott (Patricia Clarkson and Brendan Gleeson). A lot of this seems too global – flaws are amplified but the connection remains. Tonight, Scott learns surprising new information about Elaine that highlights her loss of true intimacy. Philip Harrison