2022 – US Corporate Advice for Graduates: ‘Choose Your First Employer Wisely’

The market for the 2022 class offers the advantage of abundant employment opportunities and high career development. However, C-suite executives advise recent graduates to consider more than just earning potential when choosing their first role.

Insider spoke to senior executives who provided career advice to recent graduates. They were advised to prioritize development and relationships over money and to ensure that graduates’ values ​​align with those of employers.

Tim Ryan, US Chairman and Senior Partner at PwC

“If someone isn’t happy at home, it’s hard for them to always be happy at work,” Ryan said.

PricewaterhouseCoopers is recognized as the second largest professional services network in the world and is recognized as one of the four largest accounting firms.

Compare your values ​​with your employer:

We know money is important, but look at the company’s reputation, look at its culture, and look at how it relates to people. How did you react to the financial crisis? How did you react to the pandemic? How is their reaction now?

Tip for long-term success:

I try to give advice, not just for today, but for the next forty years. The first tip is to treat people with respect. We all make these mistakes, including me, but if you make a mistake, say “sorry.”

The second tip is not just to clarify the problems, but to clarify the solutions and be part of the solution. Pointing out problems is easy, God knows there are a lot of them, but get involved in solving them.

Do not forget about your own life:

And the last thing to remember is that it starts at home. If you are not happy at home, it is difficult to be satisfied in the long run at work. Therefore, the biggest task people have to be at home.

Ravi Saligram, CEO and Member of the Board of Directors, Newell Brands

Saligram said:
“Make sure you have a good chemistry with your hiring manager,” said Salegram.

Newell Brands is a global manufacturer, marketer, and distributor of consumer and commercial products with brands such as Rubbermaid, Mr. Coffee, Marmot, Elmer’s, and Yankee Candle.

Prioritize your development:

Make sure it’s a place to learn. Don’t worry about what they pay you or your title. If you have two or three offers, be bold enough to decline the higher offer if you can learn more. Find a place to stay, learn, learn, learn – they will take you to different areas. Learning is crucial in those formative years. Don’t be fooled by someone who pays you an extra dollar.

Compare your values ​​with your employer:

Find a company that aligns with your spirit and values. Fitness is very important, especially in that first job. These early formative years are very crucial to your career. Also, make sure you have a good chemistry with the hiring manager.

Nancy Hogg, Chief People Experience Officer, Automation Anywhere

“You have to find a place that shares your values.” Hajj said.

Automation Everywhere is a global software company that develops cloud automation services.

Choose the right company:

A few years ago I read a study on US presidents. I’ve been asked for ages, “Who is the most influential person in your life?” Of course, the first answer is always her mother. But the second is her first employer. This is deep.

As your number one employer, you think about what this responsibility is for young people as they begin their careers. It’s great how you set the framework and expectations for how they will be treated in the workplace and what possibilities they have in the workplace.

My advice to fresh graduates is to pick your first employer really well. Your first employer after college will determine who you will be in the future. You need to find a place that shares your values. Remember, you choose. They make you an offer and you have the final say on whether or not you accept it. You have all the power in this relationship.

Richard P. Handler, CEO of Jefferies Financial Group

Richard Handler said:
“Find a job that you really like,” Handler said.

Jefferies Financial Group is an investment bank headquartered in New York City with more than 4,750 employees worldwide. The company’s wealth management division has $39 billion in assets.

Discover your passion:

Find a job that you really like and make sure the people you work with show a personal interest in you as a person.

Prioritize your development:

You want to work with people who let you ask questions and make mistakes – expose you to people and situations that allow you to learn and want you to have a job with them, not just a job.

Do not forget about your own life:

Force yourself to have a certain level of quality of life, build as many positive and authentic relationships as possible, act like your long-time business owner even if you’ve only been there for a week, and remember that your reputation and integrity will always be there. The most valuable thing you have in life.