2022 – Vanka Trump has not been seen exclusively with her father in 521 days, as it is revealed that she does not believe Donald Trump’s riot allegations that Ivanka Trump has gone out with her father, former President Donald Trump, after it was revealed that she had not been with his father. The allegations of rebellion stood. By Radar Crew 10 2022, posted at 10:07am ET

Nor has she spoken about her father since January 4, 2021, when she sang with her father in Dayton, Georgia, calling him “the people’s president” and vowing he would “never stop fighting.”

There was an enormous debate and they went from having a daily conversation in the White House to having a small talk. You don’t talk to him anymore.”

The New York Times has mentioned That Ivanka and Kushner were calm planning to leave Washington, D.C., While deciding their moves after the White House, the Trump team continued its work to figure out how to upset the election.

Donald Trump, Ivanka and Don Jr. COMMITTED EXPERT IN NY AG PROBING

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