2022 – VIDEO: Ted Cruz confronts former House candidates at a Houston restaurant after the NRA convention: “19 kids died! It’s up to you!”

Senator Ted Cruz confronted a former congressional candidate for gun control while dining at a Houston restaurant.

  • He confronted Senator Ted Cruz at a Houston restaurant after appearing at the NRA convention.
  • A former House candidate is shown in a video yelling at Cruz, “Why did you speak up tonight?”
  • Several Texas Republicans withdrew from the NRA convention, including Governor Greg Abbott and Senator John Cornyn.

The video clip shows Senator Ted Cruz of Texas confronting in a restaurant after appearing at the National Convention of the Rifle Association in Houston.

The tense exchange came days after an 18-year-old gunman killed 19 schoolchildren and two teachers at Robb Elementary School in Ovaldi, Texas, on Tuesday.

Why did you speak tonight? Why did you come to Congress for a blood money? Why when 19 kids died? 19 kids died! The video shows Benjamin Hernandez screaming at Cruz, who waved as security dragged Hernandez away.

Hernandez, an independent, ran for Congress in 2018 to represent TX-09, which includes parts of Houston.

Along video It is published by Indivisible Houston, a political rights advocacy group of which Hernandez is a board member. The video shows the beginning of the exchange, with Cruz posing for a photo with Hernandez before the latter begins to question why Cruz refuses to support stricter gun control laws including background checks.

At one point, Hernandez said the Uvalde shooter “waited until he was 18” to purchase multiple firearms. Authorities confirmed that the gunman purchased two offensive weapons after his 18th birthday on May 16.

“But the background checks weren’t going to stop the shooter,” Cruz replied. On the other hand, Cruz opposes nearly all arms control measures proposed in Congress that call for armed officers in schools instead.

At various points in the video, Cruz told Hernandez, “Well, you don’t want to listen to me” and “You don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Hernandez told Insider he was eating at the restaurant when he saw Cruz come in. Cruz asked if he would pose for a photo after the senator had finished his dinner, and the senator immediately got up.

“As a voter, you know, he refuses to let us involve him in public forums. This is one way we can approach him,” Hernandez said. “I’ve never done anything like this before.”

And he added, “At that moment, I’m like, ‘I have to do it because there are people who are really suffering.'” And if Ted Cruz has to, you know, make Ted Cruz embarrassed at dinner, that’s the price to pay.”

The annual meeting of national regulators, which began Friday, sparked protests in Houston. Cruz’s appearance at the convention was notable after several other senior speakers—including Governor Greg Abbott, Senator John Cornyn and Representative Dan Crenshaw—withdrew.

However, Abbott actually showed up and went to Yuvaldi in person.

“The fact that Ted Cruz is still attending Congress, an organization actively blocking legislation that could help end gun violence in this country. I mean, that’s totally cool,” Hernandez, who was attending a protest, said.

During the confrontation with Cruz, Hernandez thought about the parents of the children killed in Ovaldi, as well as his own child.

“I am a new father. I have a child. This looks different to me. I just want to know what you do as a senator? What things can you support?” Hernandez said, “I wonder, can you just answer the question?” Like where are you standing what do you bring to the table?”

A Cruise spokesperson did not immediately respond to an Insider’s request for comment on Saturday. An automated message from his Senate office also said his mailbox was full.

Hernandez told Insider that if politicians continue to avoid taking action against the mass shootings, “we have to confront them.”

“Now is the time,” Hernandez said. “They will always say, ‘Now is not the right time’…but you know what the time is. It’s time to stop the next one.”

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