2022 – Watch: Republican Representative Moe Brooks erupts after Fox News anchor rejects baseless allegations of voter fraud in 2020

Rep. Moe Brooks of Alabama.

  • Representative Brooks had a heated conversation with Fox News anchor Sandra Smith on Sunday about the 2020 election.
  • Brooks continues to claim rampant election fraud without providing any evidence.
  • Smith told Brooks that the challenges of the 2020 GOP elections yielded no evidence of mass fraud.

Representative Moe Brooks has been embroiled in a heated argument with the Fox News anchor Sunday over the results of the 2020 presidential election, which Tory MPs say is fraught with irregularities.

During a segment with guest host Sandra Smith, Brooks — who last week garnered enough votes to secure a place in next month’s Republican run-off for the Senate from Alabama — insisted that voter fraud could not be ruled out in the 2020 election, although she did not. offer anything. Evidence to support his claims.

Speaking about the importance of voter integrity to push for stricter election laws, Brooks said post-election legal efforts after the 2020 election have not been able to demonstrate electoral abuse.

However, Brooks did not take the presenter’s testimony well, saying that his electoral concerns — along with dozens of lawmakers trying to challenge results in several swing states — would be dismissed.

“Members of Congress and Senators do not agree with what I just said,” the congressman told Smith. “The elections will be stolen if we don’t solve these problems.”

“The courts are not the final verdict of who wins federal campaigns,” he added.

After citing other debunked allegations of voter fraud, Smith intervened and said they could not be substantiated.

This has been viewed and fact-checked by several outlets, including Reuters [reported] She replied that there was no evidence of widespread voter fraud.

Brooks – who was endorsed by former President Donald Trump to run for the Senate last year before Trump withdrew his support in March and accused his old ally of “waking up” – soared in the polls just before last month’s run-off by continuing to make an appeal to voters. for state governors.

He will face former Senate Chief of Staff and attorney Katie Brett in a run-off next month.

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