2022 – What connects Janet Lee and Rihanna? Saturday competition | Life and elegance


1 Who did they meet at Dartford railway station on October 17, 1961?
2 What family of fish does the goldfish belong to?
3 Which British woman was the first woman to edit the New Yorker?
4 What monster blocked the way to Thebes?
5 What is unlocked by the Dutch group?
6 Where do the winning teams get between 16 and 24 points?
7 What conflict did the Ems telegram spark?
VIII Who is the Canadian theorist who coined the term “global village”?
which connects:
existing; to join; gape brackets?
10 Krakow. Kujawik. Mazur. your top?
11 Merrick Garland; Harriet Myers; Harold Carswell; Robert Burke?
12 Tornado gas kilinken. Argentavis. Hast eagle?
13 New York; Eastbourne. London. Gifnock. Edinburgh?
14 Brutus. guitar; Vortigern Klotinus. womb?
fifteen Rihanna. Ann the heck Janet Lee?

Do you know New York Photo: Alexandre Spatari/Getty Images

the answers

1 Mick Jagger and Keith Richards.
2 carp;
3 Tyne Brown.
4 sphinx.
5 Car door (remote to enhance cyclist awareness).
6 County Cricket Championship.
7 Franco-Prussian War.
VIII Marshall McLuhan.

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9 Types of spacers.
10 Polish folk dances.
11 The failed candidates for the US Supreme Court.
12 Extinct giant bird.
13 Birthplaces of new prime ministers: Johnson; Could you; Cameron. brouwn; Blair.
14 Legendary Kings of Great Britain.
fifteen Marion Crane played: Bates Motel; Psychic (new edition 1998); sociological patient.

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