2022 – Will the Galaxy Z Fold 4 have a smaller hinge and a thinner screen bezel?

No tech news cycle would be complete without some speculation about Samsung’s foldable lineup. This time around, the star of the show is the larger Galaxy Z Fold 4. And as the device’s release date approaches, the thirst for rumors grows.

Fortunately, Twitter is here to save the day – an IceUniverse user to be exact. This particular guide has a proven track record of leaks, which makes the information he shared via Twitter particularly interesting. According to IceUniverse, the new design of the Fold 4 will have slight changes to the edges of the cover screen and a slimmer hinge.

According to the leak, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 will have a more compact hinge. In addition, the edge of the cover plate facing the hinge is also slightly shortened. This means that the Galaxy Z Fold 4 can finally address one of the biggest issues with the foldable range as a whole – an incredibly bulky form factor when folded. Although many may treat these design changes as incremental, it should be noted that Volume 4 should also see some additional changes in aspect ratios. We discussed them In a separate article some time ago.

The combination of a slightly shorter (or at least slightly lower) lid screen, smaller external bezels, and a slimmer hinge definitely adds up and makes the Galaxy Z Fold 4 more user-friendly when folded. This does not mean that the Fold 4 will suddenly become a compact device. The fold is likely to remain on the other end of the spectrum in terms of thickness and weight.

However, users will not mainly buy the Galaxy Z Fold 4 to use it as a regular smartphone. The highlight of the series has always been the foldable screen, no matter what haggling it requires. The only difference is that in the fourth generation it is easier to accommodate compromises.

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