2022 – Wimbledon 2022: Nadal, Swiatek, Poulter and Brody on the sixth day – live broadcast! | Wimbledon 2022

So what caused the comeback of British tennis in SW19? Simon Cumbers reports that the team spirit that has been forged in the shutdown, the advice of Andy Murray and the performance of Emma Raducano have given a boost.

Saturday schedule

(All times are GMT, starting values ​​are in parentheses)

Central Court
1:30 PM: (11) Cori Gauff (USA) – (20) Amanda Anisimova (USA), (4) Paula Badosa Gibert (Spa) v (25) Petra Kvitova (Cze), (27) Lorenzo Sonego (Ita) v(2) Rafael Nadal (Spa)

plate 1
1:00 p.m.: (19) Alex de Minaur (Australia) – Liam Brody (GPR), (1) Ega Swiatek (Paul) – Alize Cornet (France), Nick Kyrgios (Australia) – (4) Stefanos Tsitsipas ( grey)

plate 2
11:00 a.m.: Harmony Tan (France) vs. Katie Poulter (GBR), Richard Gasquet (France) vs. (21) Boutique Van de Zandschulp (Ned), Magdalena Fritsch (Paul) vs. (16) Simona Halep (Rome)

plate 3
11:00: Christian Garin (Che) – (29) Jenson Broxby (USA), Alex Mulcan (Svk) – (11) Taylor Harry Fritz (USA), Petra Martic (Crow) – (8) Jessica Pegula (United States of America)

dish 4
11:00: (4) Gonzalo Bueno (Peru) – Juan Manuel La Serna (Argentina), Jeremy Jean (Australia) vs. (3) Mile Polijak (Croatia), Kristina Tomajkova (Czechoslovakia) vs. (10) Annabel Shaw (Cannes) , (8) Idas Botvilas (Late) Mika Brunold (Sui), Alessio Basile (Bel) vs. (11) Rodrigo Pacheco Mendes (Mix)

plate 5
11:00 am: Mia Kupres (Cannes) vs. Angela Okotoy (Kane), Linda Klimovikova (CZ) vs. Michaela Lackey (Grey), Paul Barbier Gazio (FRA) vs. Conor Henry Van Schalkwyk (NAME), Julie Stroblova (NAME) CZ (CZ) – Ella MacDonald (Germany), Isegol Mert (Tour) vs (3) Nikola Bartunkova (CZ)

plate 6
11:00 AM: Patrick Brady (GPR) – (15) Martin Paulsky (Paul), Phoenix Weir (GBR) – Alexander Blox (Bell), Sarah Tatou (GBR) – Celine Nayef (Switzerland), Juan Carlos Prado Angelo (Paul). ) vs. William Jansen (GPR), Talia Nelson Gatenby (GBR) vs. Nina Vargova (SHFC)

plate 7
11:00 a.m.: Kalin Ivanovsky (MK) – Luca Pau (GPR), Henry Searle (GPR) – (2) Jacob Minczyk (CZ), Renata Jamrichova (SHFC) – Jasmine Conway (GPR) , Joel Stoer (Germany) – Isabelle Lacey (GBR), Benjamin Jusic Wan (GBR) vs Peter Privara (SFC)

plate 9
11:00 Amelia Walegora (Bill) – Anastasia Lobata (Ukraine)

plate 10
11:00: Irina Ballos (shedding) – Andrea Obradovic (SIR), Peter Nad (shedding) – Jaden Wakes (Canada), Ella Seidel (Germany) – Luciana Perez-Alarcon (BIR), (4) Nikola Dubnerova (shedding) Dominica Salkova (Czech Republic)

plate 11
11:00 Sarah Saito (Japan) – Olivia Lancer (USA) (14) Lucija Serik Bagaric (Crowe) – Rose Marie Nijkamp (Ned)

plate 12
11:00 am: Agla Tomljanovic (Australia) – (13) Barbora Krejkova (Czechoslovakia), Brandon Nakashima (USA) – Daniel Elahi Jalan (Colonel).

plate 14
11:00 Heinek Barton (Czech Republic) vs. Arthur Gia (France)

plate 15
11:00 Olaf Bychkowski (Poland) v Ozan Kolac (USA)

Court 16
11:00 Pedro Rodinas (The Spa) – Matej Dodig (Crewe)

plate 17
11:00 Dylan Dietrich (Sui) – (5) Nishish Pasavaredi (USA), Georgia Bedoni (Ned) – Amelie Van Imbe (Bell)

plate 18
11:00 am: Jack Sock (USA) vs. Jason Kobler (Australia), Chenwen Jing (China) vs. (17) Elena Rybakina (Kaz)


good morning. It’s already day six at Wimbledon – where’s the week gone? The pitches of the show will begin shortly thereafter with Coco Gauff v Amanda Amisova in Central Court at 1:30 p.m. and Alex de Minaur v Liam Brody in Court 1 at 1:00 p.m.

It’s been a fantastic week for British tennis, with Heather Watson and Cameron Norrie breaking new heights by reaching the fourth round of a Grand Slam for the first time in their careers, and Brody and Katie Poulter hope to do the same today. Poulter isn’t in an exhibition field, so I’ll pay special attention to her game against Frances Harmony Tan’s team on Court 2 at 11am. Expected to be very close together, Tan is ranked 115th in the world and Poulter is 118th. Like her British rival, Tan is also looking to reach the Round of 16 at the Slam for the first time.

I’m also looking forward to Paula Padusa, seed 4, against Petra Kvitova, seed 25, later on center court. Kvitova has won Wimbledon twice, and although she has slipped in the rankings in recent years, I feel she can go deeper in 2022. Expect fireworks – and plenty of entertaining conversations – when Nick Kyrgios later takes on Stefanos Tsitsipas for first place. Kyrgios just wants to be loved, you know.