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Besides Carrots, These 6 Foods Are Good For Eye Health!

For those of you who already wear glasses, you must be very aware of the importance of eye health from an early age. If I could turn back time ya, the bad habit of watching TV with close distance to read while lying not would you like to do. Of course, everyone doesn’t want to have minus eyes right? When your eyes are minus, you will have a hard time seeing objects from quite a distance because they are blurry. This of course is very disturbing vision.


It does nothing to say that the eyes of minus can occur due to hereditary factors and habits of reading and watching bad. However, there is nothing wrong with maintaining eye health by eating foods that are good for the eyes. In addition to carrots, here are some foods that can prevent your eyes from minus. Listen!


Not only delicious, it turns out that almonds are good for eye health

The content of vitamin E in almonds turns out to be able to prevent the arrival of diseases in the retina of the eye. So, try to include almonds in your daily diet.


If all this time almonds are better known for maintaining healthy skin, there’s nothing wrong with eating them to keep your eyes healthy.

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Some Types of Marine Fish You Must Consume for Healthy Eyes

marine fish

Eye health can also be obtained by eating marine fish. Usually marine fish with high DHA content is very good for the eyes. DHA is a fatty acid found in the retina.


Types of marine fish include salmon, tuna, and mackerel. Wow, eating fish turns out to be very beneficial!

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For Healthy Eyes, You Should Eat Vegetables least Loh

Never forget to always eat vegetables. If carrots are indeed very well known as a food to prevent minus eyes, some green vegetables are also a must for you to consume.


The content of lutein and zeaxanthin in green vegetables can prevent cataracts so it is very good for the eyes. If you do not want to suffer from cataract in old age, multiply the eat green vegetables from now.


It turns out that eye disease can be prevented with eggs

It’s not just vegetables that have lutein and zeaxanthin. Eggs also have these two ingredients so that eggs can be said to be also good for eye health.


In addition to preventing cataracts, eating eggs can prevent macular degeneration, which is a fairly serious disease of the retina of the eye.


Who Can Refuse To Eat Avocados?

So far, avocado is known as a fruit that is very popular with many people. It was not just bad per se, the content in avocado is good for eye health are also tablets. Avocados contain a lot of lutein.


In addition, this fruit helps the absorption of nutrients alpha carotene and beta carotene which can form vitamin A. Wow, it is recommended to consume it to maintain and care for your eyes.


Rich in Vitamin C, it turns out that oranges are also useful for maintaining eye health

Citrus fruits are not just to prevent or cure canker sores. Vitamin C in oranges is also useful for keeping the eyes healthy by improving the health of the eye tissue. So, don’t hesitate to eat citrus fruits regularly. One fruit that is quite easy to find here !


How? It turns out that not only carrots that can help maintain eye health. Don’t forget to eat these foods to keep your eyes healthy! Also fix bad habits that can damage the eyes.

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