2022 – I’m not Australian but Judith Durham’s unofficial anthem brings tears to my eyes | Pop and rock music

Download here Her obituary Judith Durham (8 August) includes a stark omission: She is credited with singing the unofficial Australian national anthem, which she sang at Australia Day and at sporting events, I’m Australian. This is perhaps her greatest legacy to her homeland. Hearing her brings tears even to this Bumi’s eye as she misses her son in Sydney (and ...

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2022 – Tom Ferry and Gino Belvary take the podium at the Vanguard Forum on October 4

Download here Two industry giants, Tom Ferry, CEO of Tom Ferry Internationaland Gino Belvary, CEO of HomeAmerica ServicesHe will be joining attendees for an exclusive fireside chat at the Avant Garde Forum during HW’s annual October 4th. These two strong leaders in the industry have been known for many years and we look forward to sharing their wisdom, achievements, tips ...

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2022 – Gordon Brown says energy companies unable to deliver lower bills should be temporarily renationalised | Gordon Brown

Gordon Brown said energy companies unable to deliver lower bills should be temporarily put under public ownership, in stark defiance of political leaders on the day Liz Truss signaled a decline in aid to families. Writing to the Guardian, Brown called for the energy price cap to be raised and for the government to negotiate new, lower rates with businesses, ...

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