In 2022 – Trump angrily attacked Purdue as “lazy” for losing his elementary school, report says – a criticism more commonly used of Trump himself.

Republican gubernatorial candidate David Purdue campaigns on May 20, 2022 in Plainville, Georgia to be named the Republican gubernatorial candidate. He took second place.

  • The Washington Post reported that Donald Trump criticized his defeated supporters in Georgia.
  • He reportedly insulted David Purdue – who was seeking a gubernatorial nomination – as being “lazy”.
  • The losses prevented Trump from retaliating against Georgian officials who denied his “big lie” voter fraud.

Former President Donald Trump was furious that his backed candidate, David Perdue, lost the Republican primaries in Georgia, calling him “lazy.” The Washington Post reported.

Trump’s support strategy has suffered setbacks in a number of primaries, most notably in Georgia last week, where two of his backed candidates lost their primaries.

Incumbent President Brian Kemp crushed Purdue and received 21% of the vote compared to Kemp’s 73%. In the Secretary of State race, incumbent Brad Ravensberger defeated Trump-backed rival Judy Hayes.

Trump advisers told the newspaper that the former president now regards the candidates he supports in the races as an “embarrassment,” adding that he believes Purdue is lazy.

Trump has put a lot of political capital in the Georgia races, as he sought revenge against Kemp and Ravensberger for refusing to support his false claim that he lost the state to Joe Biden in 2020 for fraud.

The former president sided with Purdue, who based his campaign on promoting Trump’s election fraud “The Big Lie.” Trump gave $2.64 million to Purdue’s campaign from his political war fund.

Purdue is a former US senator who lost his seat in the tough run-off in early 2021 that saw some Republican critics blame Trump’s focus on fueling allegations of voter fraud to lower the Republican Party’s turnout.

Trump has accused himself of laziness in office. White House documents suggested preventing large parts of the day from seeing self-cover on cable TV and not bothering to read briefings.

Trump also spent a lot of time off the clock playing golf, far exceeding the number of rounds on which he repeatedly criticized Barack Obama for playing as president.

Trump continued his attempts to change the Republican Party over the weekend, holding a rally in Wisconsin as part of his campaign to oust Republican Representative Liz Cheney, a prominent Republican critic who was on the committee on Jan. 6.

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