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In 2013, her site for her 1,850-square-foot trailer was approved and she will not be allowed to stay in the same home where she grew up.

The mobile home she was living in, near Goodyear Boulevard, was built in 1939 and has been found to not meet the requirements of the current code.

“They came back with a three-year occupancy limit,” said Charles. “Basically, I want to build a castle. I wanted a castle and I went to build a castle.”

The mobile home, which Charles describes as “not cute,” was the only structure on the two-acre lot.

“I’m not allowed to move anywhere. This is my home, it’s my heritage and my roots,” said Charles.

Goodyear officials say they had already rejected a previous mobile home request submitted by Charles.

She has since been able to find a home on another lot.

The mobile home, on property that Charles inherited, has been a place of sanctuary and childhood memories.

“I’ve had my children there, my wife, parents, my grandparents. It’s been a tradition,” said Charles.

She estimates the cost of her move will be between $40,000 and $50,000 and she says she can’t afford to make the move.

The town of Goodyear didn’t issue a statement to Good Day AZ, but in 2013, the site review report stated that the mobile home “does not meet current code,” and that there was “no residential use as a primary purpose.”

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