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“Dr. Gustin is one of the leaders of the keto community and has stayed ahead of the explosion of research surrounding the ketogenic diet while consistently taking complex information and making it simple. Keto Answers is no exception.”
Dr. Josh Axe, DC, clinical nutritionist, author

“Of all the keto leaders out there, I trust Dr. Anthony Gustin’s advice the most. He has a cunning ability to make the complex simple and stays firm in his commitment to whole-body wellness on keto. Anthony is the real deal, has a firm understanding of how the body is influenced by keto, and is an inspiring thought leader in the health and wellness space.”
Leanne Vogel, author, nutrition educator

“Chris Irvin is a rising star in the keto community. His down-to-earth insight and fresh perspective bring a much-desired outlook to anyone interested in learning more about the ketogenic diet. A must-read!”
Dr. Angela Poff, Ph.D., USF Department of Molecular Pharmacology

“Dr. Gustin is one of the true pioneers in not just the ketogenic diet space, but health at large. He does an amazing job of taking the staggering amount of information available on these topics and consolidating this material into wisdom-packed bites.”
Robb Wolf, former research biochemist, two-time New York Times/WSJ best-selling author

“Chris Irvin has an exceptional talent for distilling the world of exercise and nutrition science into key takeaways–and gifting us with an evidence-based, ‘big picture’ approach to health and wellness. His work is a boon to anyone passionate about attaining optimal health.”
William Shewfelt,actor, health coach

“Chris Irvin has been inspirational and refreshing in the keto community. He’s introduced a new outlook on how people should view keto not only as a diet but a lifestyle. This book is a must-read!”
Brandon Ghee, Former NFL Player

About the Author

DR. ANTHONY GUSTIN is the CEO and co-founder of Perfect Keto, one of the fastest-growing nutrition companies in the world, and the founder of Equip, which was voted “Best Supplement Company” by Paleo Magazine. Dr. Gustin is also a Functional Medicine practitioner and a board-certified chiropractor who holds a master’s of science (M.S.) and doctorate of chiropractic (D.C). His mission is to help people achieve optimal health and well-being through movement, nutrition, stress management, and sleep. To learn more, visit

CHRIS IRVIN is a nutrition science researcher and writer with an expertise in ketogenic dieting. Chris holds a master’s of science (M.S.) in exercise and nutrition science and spent his time in graduate school studying the ketogenic diet for performance and therapeutic applications. Chris is the education manager at Perfect Keto and strives to make the ketogenic diet easy and keto science accessible to everyone. For more information, visit


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