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2022 – An American library is expelled after refusing to censor LGBT authors: “We will not ban books” | Libraries

A small town library is in danger of closing after residents of Jamestown, Michigan, voted to defund it rather than tolerate some books with LGBTQ+ themes. Residents voted on Tuesday to prevent the renewal of funds linked to property taxes. Bridge Michigan reported. Voting leaves the library with funds available by the first quarter of next year. Once the reserve ...

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2022 – NEWS: Greg Norman, president of the Saudi-sponsored golf association, has been criticized for an epic lie after a photo surfaced of the goofy reporter dealing with the man, Greg Norman, who was arrested this week after the Lev Golf Commissioner lied about not knowing Reporter Alan Shipnock, and was expelled from the press conference. Written by Conor Surmonte 10 2022 Published at 8:00 PM ET

Alan ShevnockMickelson’s press conference was attended by a veteran golf reporter who regularly mentioned Norman and the fact that the LIV golf tour is backed by hundreds of millions of dollars from Saudi Arabia. But suddenly the security forces approached him and Immediately By direct order of Norman. “Okay, some neck and neck security physically pulled me out of Phil ...

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2022 – Tom Gerardi is expelled from the husband of “RHOBH” reality TV star, Tom Gerardi, and forced to pay $2 million to orphans. Written by Ryan Neumann Jun. 1 2022, posted at 8:00 PM ET

His family told the court that he had dementia. Girardi did not participate in the trial proceedings Jane tried to distance herself from the whole embezzlement/bankruptcy scandal. However, the RHOBH The star still has a $25 million lawsuit to settle. The trustee who presided over Chapter 7 of Girardi’s law firm sued Jane. They were asked to return the millions ...

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