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2022 – Akash Odedra: “The outer world is no match for my inner world – dance was my savior” | Edinburgh Festival 2022

WHen Aakash Odedra at the age of fifteen left his home in Birmingham and made his way to India without knowing where he was going, and contented himself with going. “It’s kind of weird now that I think about it,” Odedra says. “My son is 15 and was wondering if he should take the train from Birmingham to Leicester.” However, ...

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2022 – Masterclass review – ‘Great Male Artist’ at Shredder | Edinburgh Festival 2022

Download here TThe great male artist may be on his way out soon, not very soon. But Broken Speakers Theater and feminist comedian Adrienne Truscott are taking no chances. Masters classes open the door to the masculinities, “backward female characters” and “comfortable cruelty” of David Mamets and Ernest Heminguez of yesteryear – and set them on their own path. And ...

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2022 – Eunice Olumide Review – Captivating stories are light jokes | Edinburgh Festival 2022

Download here FModel, Actress, Activist – Is there anything Eunice Olumide cannot do? Well, after her fringe comedy debut, AfroPolitiCool, her stand-up skills need to be polished. Her laudable ambition with the show is to provide an overview of world politics from a distinctly Afro-Scottish perspective. Here is a woman whose identity has confused nearly everyone from her school teachers ...

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