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2022 – I sold the rights to my songs to buy a farm – now I’m trying to change the way I grow food | Andy Cato

aOn the way back from the party 15 years ago, I read an article about the environmental impact of food production. It’s made for factual reading, and ends with the words, “If you don’t like the system, don’t count on it.” Turning our garden in France into a vegetable patch inspired me to seek self-sufficiency. This quickly escalated and I ...

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2022 – Food Across the Divide: ‘I Was Confused When She Said Donald Trump Was Smart’ | Life and elegance


Alex, 58, Royston, Herefordshire profession Semi-retired teacher and company manager vote record Mostly green or Labor when there isn’t any Green Party – and Lib Dem to support friendly local advisors. Never conservative! liking bush As a teenager, Alex cleaned the house of John Paul Jones Led Zeppelin Susie, 48, Royston, Herefordshire profession accountant vote record Labor “maybe once or ...

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2022 – The dangers of food leftovers and how to avoid them

In early 2022, national news outlets picked up the story of a Massachusetts college student who had his legs and fingers amputated after suffering food poisoning from leftover lo mein pasta. It turns out that the disease was actually caused by a meningococcal blood infection and had nothing to do with spoiled food. But the story reminded people of the ...

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2022 – How to Make Caponata – Recipe | Italian food and drink

aMatthew Fort, in his book on Sicily, Sweet Honey, Bitter Lemon, explains: “Sicilian cuisine embraces contrasts and discord… the dishes are as bold and Baroque as any building of opulence”—and this sweet and sour eggplant stew is a textbook example. But according to River Cafe, there are as many recipes as “as many chefs in Sicily”… so where do we ...

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2022 – A Kitchen in a Quarry: Why the Charlie Bigham Food Campus was named usury building of the year | A vision for better food

Charlie Bigham talks to me on video from a room with a view. From his office in his company’s kitchen in Somerset, Bigham can see 100-foot cliffs and wildlife including peregrine falcons. This morning, he walked to work across 50 acres of wildflower meadows where six species of bees thrive. It’s a surprisingly unusual home for a producer – but ...

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