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2022 – ‘Five Days at Memorial’ review: Apple TV + Limited series is a grim look back at the tragic losses of Hurricane Katrina

Download here Regardless of the title, Five Days (which dedicates each of the first episodes to a different day) actually spans eight parts, which is a metaphor for the way the broadcast series manages time, if there ever was one. Here, however, additional chapters necessarily deal with the repercussions of what happened, moving from physicians—who are forced to make decisions ...

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2022 – A memorial in Georgia dubbed “American Stonehenge” is damaged by explosives | Georgia

The pre-dawn bombing on Wednesday of a rural memorial in Georgia that some conservative Christians have criticized as satanic and dubbed “American Stonehenge” by others in an attack that reduced one of four granite slabs to rubble. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation said the Georgia Gudstone Memorial near Elberton was damaged by an explosive device. The Elbert County Emergency Management ...

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2022 – A survivor of the Ovaldi, Texas shooting nearly dies of cardiac arrest while attending a friend’s memorial, reports the Daily Mail by David Wetzel John. 10 2022, posted at 10:47am ET

Iliana Treviño

Trevino said her daughter is not responding to the medication she has been given and doctors fear another accident. Doctors also say Trevino suffers from PTSD as a result of the Ovaldi shootings that killed 21 people, including 19 primary school children.

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2022 – Hideki Matsuyama is disqualified from the Memorial Tournament due to racket marks

Hideki Matsuyama was over the age of three when he was disqualified -5 M Hughes (Canada), Dee Reilly (US), C Young (US), El List (US), C Smith (Australia), KH Lee (Co) specified:-4 W Zalatoris (USA); -3 S Lowry (wrath); -2 R McIlroy (NE), J. Spieth (US), L. Donald (Eng) Hideki Matsuyama, last year’s Masters champion, was disqualified in the middle ...

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2022 – Airlines cancel thousands of flights over Memorial Day weekend, and this explains why airlines are cutting back on summer flight schedules.

Philip Pelosian/Shutterstock Airlines had a rough Memorial Day weekend, resulting in thousands of flights being canceled or delayed. Delta Air Lines canceled more than 700 flights, blaming bad weather, air traffic control and sick leave related to the coronavirus. The chaos comes after many airlines cut their summer flight schedules to better deal with rising demand. Another banking weekend has ...

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2022 – Memorial Day: The United States will bring home and identify the remains of unidentified soldiers from the only American cemetery in Africa

Die Teilnehmer stehen während der Memorial Day-Zeremonie auf dem North African American Cemetery. Der tunesische Außenminister Othman Jerendei (vordere Reihe, links) steht neben der tunesischen Geschäftsträgerin der US-Botschaft, Natasha Franceschi.

This announcement comes after the United States and Tunisia signed a memorandum of understanding that will allow the United States to exhume the remains of unidentified soldiers from the American cemetery in North Africa and bring them back home for identification and reunification with family members. “We owe a huge debt of gratitude to our fallen heroes and their families,” ...

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