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2022 – Nuclear power plant in Zaporizhia, Ukraine faces a ‘difficult hour’, says UN watchdog

Download here The Director-General of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Rafael Mariano Grossi, warned that parts of the nuclear power plant in Zaporizhia were destroyed as a result of the recent attacks, threatening an “unacceptable” radiation leak. “IAEA experts believe there is no immediate threat to nuclear safety,” Grossi said, but “that could change at any time.” “Any military action ...

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2022 – Zaporizhia, Ukraine: The Secretary-General of the United Nations condemns the “suicide” bombing of a nuclear power plant

Blinken wirft Russland

“Any attack on nuclear power plants is suicidal,” Guterres told reporters in Tokyo on Monday. “I hope these attacks stop,” he said, urging the IAEA to allow access to the facility. The Zaporizhzhia plant occupies a large area on the Dnipro River. Since it was captured by Russian forces in early March, it has continued to operate at reduced capacity ...

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2022 – Russia prepares to launch an offensive in the south as the alarm is raised over the bombing of a nuclear power plant | Ukraine

Russia is bolstering its positions and numbers on Ukraine’s southern front in preparation for a Ukrainian counterattack and is likely to pave the way for an offensive, according to British and Ukrainian military authorities. The assessment came as both sides share blame for the renewed bombing of Europe’s largest nuclear power plant, with the United Nations nuclear watchdog raising serious ...

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2022 – War in Ukraine is alive: IAEA expresses grave concern over bombing of nuclear plant | world News

Four ships carrying Ukrainian food have sailed from the Black Sea in Ukraine Ukrainian and Turkish officials said the ports on Sunday were part of a deal to liberalize the country’s sea exports.The four bulk cargoes were loaded with more than 160,000 tons of corn and other groceries derivatives, according to Reuters. The resumption of grain exports is being overseen ...

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2022 – Strikes on Ukraine nuclear power plant ‘alarming’, IAEA chief says | Ukraine

The head of the United Nations’ International Atomic Energy Agency said Saturday he was “concerned” by Friday’s bombing of Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhya power plant, the largest such facility in Europe. In a statement, Rafael Grossi, director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency, said the strikes were “the latest in a long line of increasingly alarming reports” and emphasized “the very ...

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2022 – Connecticut’s largest solar power plant is completed

Buffalo, New York – Terrasmart, Gibraltar Industries’ (NASDAQ: ROCK) renewable energy portfolio, announces the completion of Connecticut’s largest solar power plant at Canterbury. Terrasmart surveyed the site, designed a weatherproof system for New England, built the racking, and completed the mechanical installation of the 66.5 MWAC fixed tilt system in just seven months, 75 percent faster than the industry average ...

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