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2022 – Curried Coconut and Spiced Tofu: Jamaican Vegetarian Recipes by Riaz Phillips | Caribbean food and drink

TThere are so many things I crave here for Jamaican food, other than succulent meats and curries. At food stalls, tucked away in malls, on the edges of highways, and up in the hills, both Rastafarians and Seventh-day Adventists serve up a daily feast of vegetarian dishes that celebrates the island’s fresh produce, from leafy greens to starchy roots and ...

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2022 – Dolma, Moussaka and Kofta: Summer Zucchini Recipes by Alexander Taralijkov | Eating and drinking in summer

sThey say zucchini I say zucchini (or kefechka in Bulgarian). In the Balkans, in the middle of summer, this often reserved vegetable is appreciated for its lightness. You are the gift that gives and grows abundantly. I’m particularly excited about its ability to pack serious flavor to itself and allow other ingredients to shine through. Zucchini tends to be good ...

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2022 – Top 20 Easy Mediterranean Recipes | a meal

DrDishes that read like poetry: pomegranate drizzle, burrata on bruschetta, huevos la flamenca, strawberry in moscatel with pound cake. Twenty delicious and easy recipes from the North and South of the Mediterranean. We’ve got Baked Fennel with Richard Olney’s White Wine, Claudia Roden’s Chicken with Poached Olives and Lemon, and Emad Rabbit Baked Halibut. Simple lunches and dinners that can ...

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