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2022 – Russia releases prisoners fighting in Ukraine. Lots of deadly risks

Wenn Russland der einzige Weg aus einem Kriegsgebiet ist, mĂĽssen ukrainische FlĂĽchtlinge ihren Hass verbergen

Over the course of a month-long investigation, CNN spoke to inmates involved in Russia’s latest recruiting scheme, along with their relatives and friends. Activists believe that hundreds have been targeted in dozens of prisons across Russia – from murderers to drug criminals. Some have even been released on bail from the prison where the well-known American Paul Whelan is being ...

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2022 – Russia prepares to launch an offensive in the south as the alarm is raised over the bombing of a nuclear power plant | Ukraine

Russia is bolstering its positions and numbers on Ukraine’s southern front in preparation for a Ukrainian counterattack and is likely to pave the way for an offensive, according to British and Ukrainian military authorities. The assessment came as both sides share blame for the renewed bombing of Europe’s largest nuclear power plant, with the United Nations nuclear watchdog raising serious ...

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2022 – What happened this week in the war between Russia and Ukraine? Follow the most important news and analysis | Ukraine

Each week we gather must-reads from our coverage of the war in Ukraine, from news and articles to analysis, visual evidence and opinions. Russian soldiers accuse their superiors of imprisoning them for refusing to fight In this week Pewter Sawyer A rare revelation of tensions within the Russian army has been reported after Russian soldiers accused their commanders of imprisoning ...

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2022 – Russia is ready to discuss a prisoner exchange but will resist pressure to release Britney Greiner Britney Greiner

Its foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, said Russia was ready to discuss an exchange of imprisoned American prisoners, but added that the Kremlin would resist public pressure to release American basketball star Britney Greiner and others in Russian prisons. Lavrov’s comments came a day after Grenier was sentenced to nine years in prison on drug charges seen as a move to ...

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2022 – Britney Greiner: WNBA star is sentenced to 9 years in prison in Russia for drug smuggling

Russlands Krieg in der Ukraine: Live-Updates

Judge Anna Sotnikova of the Khimki City Court handed down the verdict and fined Griner 1 million rubles, or about $16,400. She said the court considered Grenier’s partial admission of guilt, remorse for the crime, medical condition, and charitable activities. Prosecutors demanded a 9.5-year prison sentence. “I never wanted to hurt anyone, I never wanted to endanger the Russian people, ...

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2022 – Russian prosecutors demand 9.5 years in prison for Britney Greiner | Russia

Russian prosecutors have requested that NBA star Britney Grenier be sentenced to nine and a half years in prison as the Kremlin winds down her politically charged trial ahead of a possible prisoner exchange. Russian court prosecutors said Greiner’s arrest on drug charges was “fully proven” and demanded that she spend nearly a decade in a maximum security prison and ...

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