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2022 – Periscope Galaxy S22 Ultra Camera – A Creepy Privacy Threat, View Images: Ban Far Zoom?

Pixel 6 Pro 20-facher Zoom vs. iPhone 13 20-facher Zoom. Das Pixel 6 Pro verfügt über ein 4-fach Periskop-Zoomobjektiv und das iPhone verwendet einen Digitalzoom. - Periskopkamera Galaxy S22 Ultra - Gruselige Bedrohung der Privatsphäre, Fotos anzeigen: Fernzoom verbieten?

The Huawei P30 Pro amazed me when it was released in March 2019. Naturally, the Leica-branded camera system (at the time) was the center of attention, with Huawei quickly establishing itself as a leader in smartphone photography. But one camera in particular stood out because it wasn’t like anything I’d seen before. The recent implementation of the Periscope zoom lens ...

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