TV Tonight: The amazing life of leading transgender model April Ashley | Television

The Extraordinary Life of April Ashley

10 p.m., Channel 4

Telling one of the most amazing stories of British life in recent times, this documentary is part of Channel 4’s award-winning festivities. Since growing up in the slums of Liverpool, April Ashley has worked as a merchant marine, Paris nightclub dancer, Vogue model, and pioneer of gender reassignment surgery. The scandal of her ‘coming off’ as a transgender by Sunday People followed in 1961 – but she died in 2021 after not allowing anything to slow her pace. Philip Harrison

Long lost family

9 p.m., ITV

Now in its twelfth season, Long Lost Family never fails to stir up emotions, with its themes expertly narrated by Davina McCall and Nikki Campbell. Tonight, Sian, who lost her baby late in pregnancy, is looking for her mother and sister. Meanwhile, Telina finds out that it’s her no The youngest of six, she tries to track down her little brother. Hannah Verder

Reinventing the Orchestra with Charles Hazlewood

9 pm, Sky Arts

“Spectral Vocals” … Rylan Gleave in “Reinventing the Orchestra with Charles Hazelwood.”
Photo: Ali Al-Rassam/Sky UK Ltd

All orchestras are orchestras, says Hazlewood, if you think about it, as his impeccable streak begins another challenging hour. This week’s main pieces are two tracks from Scott Walker’s supposedly inaccessible 2006 album. The Drift. Rylan Gleave’s spectral sounds help illuminate the work. Jack Sil

24 hours in police custody: the murder of Ricky Nev

9 pm, Channel 4

In 1994, the murder of six-year-old Ricky Nef sparked national outrage and a long-running unsolved murder. It also galvanized the press after the James Bolger case. This two-part documentary chronicles the past and brutally exposes police bias as the case reopens and a new suspect emerges. Henry Wong

AIDS: the unheard tapes

9:30 pm, BBC Two

The second part of this three-part documentary explores the growing culture of fear surrounding the AIDS crisis in Britain in the 1980s. A mixture of emotional testimonies and archival footage reveals that 46% of the nation supports “new laws restricting same-sex behavior”. Meanwhile, the memories point to the frustrating lack of openly gay politicians as a delaying factor in the crisis. Daniel de Wolf

Big Zuu’s Big Zuu eats

10 PM David

The irresistible street culinary show is back. Tonight, Zuu and his friends take their truck to Stockport to hang out with Johnny Vegas. At first, Zuu has to work his way into Johnny’s heart (“You’re an old white man from up north, so we know you like fries”), but soon they work together on a junk halal burger and Guinness sauce. They both taste better than they look. PH

movie selection

Westworld (Michael Crichton, 1973), 11:15 p.m., TCM

Double Face… Yul Brenner in Westworld. Photo: Mgm/Allstar

If you’re trying to follow up on an intentionally obscure series of the same name (in the wrong way, btw), here’s your chance to use the original movie as a palate cleanser. It’s a much simpler matter – there’s a park full of robot cowboys, and one of them starts killing everyone – the premise that Michael Crichton will be explored with more skill in Jurassic Park, also by Michael Crichton. It’s a fun, low-stakes movie that totally understands how silly something like this must be. Stewart’s legacy

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